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The First School Day

All the kids were packing up, they all met at a bus stop on the corner. Blast is a Freshman, the triplets are Freshmen, Prower is a Freshman, Kayla is a Freshman , Zach is a Freshman, Midnight is a Sophomore, Shana is a Freshman, Angel is a Sophomore, and that's it.

The Classes

"Ladies and gentle Colts we have givin you all papers with everyone's assigned class with you class mates as well as other classes students. Remember Freshmen they have a meeting for all Freshmen after Lunch be there or get DETENTION! Now have a good day!" The Principle said.

It turns out that this high school wanted to avoid problems and hardness to keep up with schedule so one teacher taught you every thing but in stead of recess there was track and instrumental music. Each one took up class time so if you wanted to one or even both it would come out of your work time.

The Classes were
(Only saying characters names)




& Blast


Sonic Jr.,



Semrad's class

While kids bustled around meeting new people Midnight and Angel hid in the back in the other small room when they were both scooting closer (not knowing it) and they bumped into each other Midnight's first reaction was to grab her by the neck and stare the thing in the eyes and Angel said,  "Remember me your only friend dude! Why the hell are you trying to kill me!" "Sorry... it was my first reaction...." Midnight explained then dropped her on the floor. Midnight made a room downstairs with his magic but magically sealed it up and only him could open it. Angel sat there in amazement thinking how was he doing that and she decided to ask, "Could this be my hideout to pal? It could help me out a lot and it would give you a room mate." "Ummmmmmm...... sure but you have to get a TV and a dresser." "Why a dresser though?" "You can change your clothes in the middle of school or after something. It comes in handy." "Ok, I am going to be up in the class while you finish up." Midnight thought in his mind like crap now i have to make it 3 times bigger because a girl is going to be here! But then he thought this could be his temporary home after high school so he made it extra large.

Next Ch won't be All the explaining it will be better but I had to explain a few things.

Hope you liked the 1st Ch!
1st Ch. hope you like it!

Next ch will be funny!
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