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Fluttershy's Cottage

Breakfast was in order and Tails was eating bacon, a omelet, and some salad. "Thanks, this is very good!" Tails said. "No problem." Fluttershy responded. "Can you come help me out side Shy?" Tails asked. "Sure." She replied. After breakfast was over they went outside to work on his project. Tails was building a very fast mini Power Cannon for Sonic, it was powered by 5 chaos emeralds he got the 3 from twilight and the 2 from Sonic and Rainbow Dash. When he was walking over to the shop he remembered he had the fake emerald maker machine still, but right at the second he tripped over something and it turned out to  be a chaos emerald! He thought he was stupid of thinking to build the machine now, but still it would come in handy..... Now they just needed 1 more!!!!! "Well lets get this over with." Tails said. "Ok." Fluttershy replied.

Rainbow's House

Sonic was watching TV and he was watching the Olympics. "You can do better then that I can run a mile in 0.3 seconds you can't run it in 20 seconds!!!!! Idiots...... don't know how to do it right....." Sonic said. "I have a few questions." Dash said. "Sure whatever you ple- Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sonic yelled. "I'll take that as a yes. Ok so first how do you walk on clouds?!" "You tell me." "Don't know." "Me neither" "Ok question answered 'Don't know'." "Ok next question is let me guess actually is your favorite food chili dogs?" "Correct." "And last but not least........ do you have the..... hots for......... Me?" Sonic turned light red "Like what do you mean....." Sonic said. "You know what. -_-" Dash replied. "Ummmmmmm...." Sonic was getting redder by the second, he was trying to focus on TV but for some reason he couldn't. "Spit it out already, I thought you were fast!" "If you can catch me I will tell you!" Sonic then jumped the window and ran supersonic speed. Dash had a plan she then went by and asked Tails for the 6 emeralds and a case for her waist to hold them it took him about 5 mins but as soon as it was done Dash said, "I'll bring them back later, gotta dash!" Then Dash bolted through the door and started flying she felt the power surging through her she could smell him and see him. She used the emeralds to warp light speed by him. "I caught you!" Dash said. "Cheater but you still can't catch me!" Sonic yelled then he went into hypersonic speed. "Not today punk I'm getting that answer!!!!!" Rainbow went chasing after him at hypersonic speeds she easily caught up and said, "Say uncle, you can't beat this speed!" Dash half bragged, half criticized. "Never I can't tell you!!!!!" Sonic then pushed as hard as he could going the fastest speed ever known to anything. Faster then light. Faster then supernovas. He was going UniversalSpeed a endless speed limit he was running so hard he was running around the world in milliseconds flat he started carving a trench through the middle of the planet he soon noticed and stopped before he could do any more damage but the thing was he couldn't stop so he ran around like crazy. Dash was so amazed even the chaos emeralds couldn't do that that even proves he is pure speed, pure awesomeness.... She decided to go as fast as she could with the emeralds to jump onto him she managed to get on but they stopped instantly. Sonic went over the last emerald and they got stuck in the air with power surging through them. They started to glow and Sonic busted out gold and Rainbow Dash turned pure white and her element was on her neck suddenly. "I caught you will you tell me now?" Rainbow asked. "I Sure Do!" Sonic says as Sonic kisses Rainbow Dash they both started to glow rapidly and sparks flew across the planet of the mixing of the power. "I kind of did too......" Dash admitted. "KNEW IT! YES! BEST DAY EVER!" Sonic started to fly around super fast at universal speeds. "Remember Shadow now?!" Dash reminded Sonic. "Hahahhaa.... ok lets get him back to life." Sonic said. They flew back to PonyVille and knocked on Twilight's door. "Who's there!!!" Twilight said. "Its us too we are her to save Shadow remember?" Sonic said. Twilight immediately hugged them both and started crying, "Please do it quick I want to see his face once again!!!" "We will make sure of that." Dash said.

Hope you liked it!
Tails and Fluttershy scene and Sonic and Rainbow special scene.
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SonicSlasher12 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
Can you give links to all episodes
pokemonexpertmaster Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Student Writer
sure there in ch's just check out my gallery
SonicSlasher12 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
just make Sega ponies a different series because you said Sonic and the others will become ponies right? SONIC IS DEAD. And never comes back just like you said. So it has to be a different chapter.. Sorry im really sorry about that. Sometimes ima rager. Its just that i cant enjoy it that way.
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