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Sleepover/Chaos Clash

Fluttershy's Cottage

Sonic was asking how Tails about his tail and everything. "Well it was for a good price." Tails said. "Still how did YOU get a girl first when I am first at EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING!!!!!!" Sonic replied. "Your just jealous!" Tails teased. Sonic could not believe he was being teased. "Screw you Tails!" Sonic then kicked him in the face and ran. Tails was left passed out on the ground when Sonic looked back and he went back wondering what he had done. He was thinking his emotions got the best of him so now Tails has a bad coal sore and he has a bloody nose and mouth. Sonic got some paper for him and put it under him. Soon Sonic just ran, and while he was running he tripped into a lake by a stupid tree branch. He walked out at about 10:30 at night and he couldn't sleep on any tree because he was so dang cold and shivering, he tried to sleep in a box to block the wind but it was to windy that night and as Rainbow was going back from another weird party of Pinkie's she noticed him running around just to stay warm. She went up and asked but her leftovers from Pinkie's flied all over the place. Sonic soon realized what he had done and he ran around catching each item before it hit the ground. "Sorry Rainbow, got to run!" Sonic soon stared running around. Rainbow dropped her stuff and just started flying after Sonic to tell him- then they crashed. Sonic was running so hard he made Rainbow fly threw CloudsDale's rainbow factory. (Made of solid marble) "Well crap, I hurt another person again!" Sonic said while speeding up to catch Rainbow. As he hit the sound barrier he knew he wouldn't make it so he hadn't tried this yet but he went hypersonic speeds, (Mach 5) his legs were folding down like a accordion and he was about to die of speed he swore to him self, then he just had to wait for rainbow to fall down for a bit after going that fast. Sonic soon caught her and just ran around waiting for her to wake up, after washing out her cuts she woke up and said, "Help........ me......."

In the Morning (Rainbow's House CloudsDale)

The morning air was filled with fresh scents of breakfast. Bacon, eggs, oatmeal, sausage, and chili dogs! Rainbow woke up wonder what the heck happened. "You must be hungry after almost dieing and all of that try this!" Sonic says as he leads her to the dining room. After they ate they had to do some errands for a dead person. They planned to get the 7 chaos emeralds so they can revive Shadow and meet at Town Square after 5 hours. Sonic was running all over the forest but he didn't find anything so he decided to go out on the plains and he found one half in the dirt and a little to easy to find. Rainbow was having a little more trouble she was walking around town asking if anyone knew about a emerald and she figured out that Diamond Tiara had one. She sneaked in during recess at school and took it. They met up at the Town Square and while they were talking the emeralds went crazy together, the energy shot up Sonic and Rainbow. There super forms came up for a second but flickered away, they looked at each other then blasted off. "Well now you know how I feel when I get a ring!" "Well, I guess I do!" "It's just to irresistible!" "I know yo- I mean its irresistible...." (Rainbow blushing) "Well I know what you mean I am irresistible!" Sonic said as he blasted off. "Well I guess your right again!" Rainbow said while she blasted off to catch up.

Hope you liked it!
A long heavy duty SonDash chapter. Hope you will enjoy!
Sonaze-Knight Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
yay keep going
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