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NOTICE! You have to listen to this music for full sadness of the story! (It makes me cry to listen to it and to write it...) link in description.

Bleeding Hearts

Dashie started to sniffle. "Why.... Why.... WHY YOU!!??" With in a few seconds started to cry. She now was bawling her eyes out and glowing a dark aura, then she started to turn dark blue, not black but dark blue. She then was then Danger Dash. She sped away and when she did a Sonic Rainboom instead of brightening things up everything in its wake went dark and cloudy and plants started to die and shrivel up. She sped off towards Cloudsdale and landed in town square where she started to bawl, soon a crowd started forming around Dash. "Hey Rainbow Crash! Why you crying your little mommy went away?" A Colt mocked. RD continued bawling in front of them. "Well I made a new nickname Crying Crash!" A Pony from the crowd yelled. Soon the whole crowd was chanting, "Crying Crash! Crying Crash! Crying Crash!" RD was slowly getting up, and when she got to the ground and went over to the pony that made up Crying Crash and she stomped on his hoof and walked away. In her wake a bloody broken hoof on the ground with the victim passed out. (Well that shut them up.) DD went to her house and relaxed. The worst moment in her life was so close to her best. It made every thing such a pain to think about "THE" moment. She knew she had to tell Sonic's friends but she herself was worried if she could tell them in person without one of these things happening. Crying for there annoying, smart mouth Hedgehog everyone loved to come back. Now that would be even harder to do that then to defeat Dark Metal Sonic.

Twilight's Library

Dash started a meeting at the library with everyone at her finger tips. "Well guys I don't know how I am going to say this..." Dash said. "Well you got a mouth and you just said that so this problem will be a doozie..." Knuckles said thinking hard. Tails face palmed himself and said, "Your a idiot, I swear to god you can't get anything the right way when it comes to brain power...." "Well what do you want me to do become mental and be even worse!" Knuckles said trying to make a come back. "Well become mental! Ohh wait you already are." Tails said laughing with a couple of others, even Apple Jack laughed. "I thought you liked me??!!" Knuckles said. "Well, well... *sigh* I can't tell a lie..... I do..." AJ said softly but everyone still heard. "Ahhhhhh" Pinkie said. "Shut it... I can buck you to Manehatten."  AJ threatened. "But still it's still cute." Pinkie replied. "Remember what I said?" AJ said and stomped her hoof through the wood floor. "AJ why did you do that thats a lot of money?!" Twilight yelled. "Well you can buy back floor tiles but you can't buy back your pride." Dash and Knuckles stand next to each other and they say, "Forget about us yet?" "I just basically got asked out by a girl." Knuckles added. "And Sonic is Dead." Dash said now noticing how much attention. "WHAT??????!!!!!!!" Everyone said in unison. "I mean..... Its true!!" Rainbow broke she couldn't hold it in. "WHAT THE HELL????!!! HE CAN"T DIE ITS IMPOSSIBLE HE HAS SURVIVED THE WRATH OF ALL 7 EMERALDS ITS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!" Tails said tearing up. Even knuckles was getting teary eyed. "Sorry but he didn't survive but he gave me his regards for you guys." "WHAT HE CHOOSE TO DIE???!!!! WHO KILLED HIM???!! Tails said crying now. "Eggman..." RD said. "WHAT?" AJ said.

"Thank you I thought you were bad but I have figured out that is why you hated me so bad."

"I did it for your life, for the girl, the thing I never had.... but being good felt good I actually make a change."

"This time I believe ya."
Bleeding Hearts tells you all. And Guess who's talking at the end?[link] is the music.
supersonic9000 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
i guess its sonic thats my guess
to360 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
actually i dont know who talking
pokemonexpertmaster Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student Writer
thats a mystery...
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