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Resurrection/Ohhhh CRAP!

As Twilight was bouncing around like so freaking happy they asked, "What is wrong?" Sonic asked. "Well I have been waiting for about a week!" Twilight replied. "Well why do you want him alive I like it when he's dead......" Sonic argued. "Your going to regret you said that!" Then she turned enraged form, of course Sonic wasn't impressed so he just stood there. Twilight charged at him with all her force and hit he so hard he went through the house and Rarity's house too. "What the heck is going on....?" Rarity said waking up. Twilight then charged at him again, this time he did not underestimate her he caught her with his palm and he said, "You don't attack me if you want me to bring Shadow back you get what I mean!" Sonic yelled. "Whatever...." Twilight said turning to normal. So they went back to the house and Sonic took the emeralds out and set them around Shadow. "Come on little buddy wake up....." Sonic said. Nothing happened but the emeralds glowed and brought him up and dropped him down though. "Let me try something this is dangerous go outside!" Twilight barked. The 2 hid outside while Twilight sat there examining him when she got closer and closer then Shadow came up and caught her in a kiss. Twilight was astonished not because of the kiss it was he was faking it! Twilight after accepting the kiss she slapped him and said, "YOU FREAKING SCARED ME IDIOT WHY DID YOU FAKE IT AND WHAT THE HECK WAS TH-" "It's ok I saw your face you can't be mad at me now." Shadow said softly. "WELL DO YOU SEE ME MAD RIGHT NO-" Shadow just kissed her and she decided to shut up and go with it.

Outside with Sonic and Rainbow

"Hey Dashie, go see what Twilight it doing." Sonic said "Dashie?" Dash said. "It's cute and it fits you!" (shrug) "I'll just go in and you ran around crazy like I do at PonyMart!" Sonic does a Derpy clap and starts running around. Dash takes one look and she goes, "Corny, but at least Sonic and I were Super and we had like fireworks and crap..." Rainbow Dash gets to Sonic and says, "They are making out.... -_-" "Great Minds think alike!" Sonic said. "In the middle of the street! You are a idiot some times..." Dash said. "Your kind of cute when you are angry!" Sonic laughed. Rainbow looked astonished she started blushing and said, "Well... you don't get a bed then!" "Not fair!" Sonic yelled. "Yes it is!" Dash roared. "No it isn't." Sonic said. "Way fair!" Dash yelled. "Your right, way NOT fair!!" Sonic yelled. Rarity came up snoring and said, "You are in love right?" Sonic and Rainbow both replied at the same time, "Yes...." "Knew it." Rarity then went back to bed.

In the morning

After Sonic and Dash ate breakfast they started watching TV on the couch when all of the sudden a broadcast comes up, "Hello everyone today we hav-" Dr. Eggman appeared on the screen, "Sonic if you here this I have a challenge for you! Face my new robot or I will destroy all of Equestria!" Screen flips back to regular sonic and Rainbow knew what to do. They start going over to the area he said to meet them in. It was a big field of nothingness. "are you ready to see your old pal!? Here!" Under a cover a duplicate of Metal Sonic but it seemed to be darker. "Say hello to Dark Metal Sonic!" Eggman yelled as he pressed a button and started smashing Sonic everywhere but this was his reply, "Better then the last one but you will never beat me Eggman!" "How much you wanna bet?!" Eggman dared. "My Life!" Sonic yelled. "Well I don't like that one last say the girls life!" Eggman then made Dark Metal Sonic to carrier her away. "NOOOOO!!!!" Sonic screamed.

Hope you liked it!
Shadow's back and the battle begins!
camtheman127 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
love this so when is chapter 13 coming
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