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Scardy Cat

Town Square

Twilight was walking around looking depressed and thinking of her loss a few days ago. "Turn that frown upside down!" Pinkie said blowing out Twilight's ear drums. "NOOOO!!" Twilight yelled and Pinkie was there just trying to make her be happy then finally Twilight said, "MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!" Pinkie started to cry and Twilight stomped on her leg and walked off. No one seemed to want Twilight around today because nobody was out today. She went looking for the chaos emeralds every day, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. She already found 3 emeralds because she was just going mad like that. Even Spike ran away because she was being too mean. She got her last letter from Celestia saying "Dear Pony, I strip your title of my student, and also don't show up around the castle ever again you will be sent to nightmare's dungeon of olden times. Princess Celestia." She cried last night because of that letter and she keeps on going, most ponies don't understand her now. (If they ever understood her in the first place)

The Farm

It was a special day for the farm, ZapApples! They were sitting on the porch of the house watching the apples appear from nowhere. Knuckles was amazed at this site, he didn't know what to think. After the apples appeared and the storm clouds went away Apple Jack said, "Time to harvest!" So Knuckles knew the routine he went and started punching trees like crap, and soon Knuckles found a tree that had no apples on it. "Hey Apple Jack come here." Knuckles said. As soon as Apple Jack saw the tree she started looking scared, Knux went up to her and asked, "Whats wrong?" "This is bad..." Apple said looking around like crazy. Soon a cloud zoomed over the tree and zapped Apple Jack and the tree. Apple Jack jumped up about 7 feet in the air. Knuckles glided and caught her and she said, "Now do you see?" "I think so." Knuckles grinned. Apple Jack blushed but tipped her hat down so he couldn't see, but Knuckles moved the hat and said, "What are you hiding..... Ohhhh......" He said blushing too. his cheeks were redder then his skin. Knuckles started to drift off course because of them looking at each other getting redder and redder by the second. Soon they started drifting towards each other then all of the sudden knuckles crashed into the barn. As they fell Knuckles hit it hard so he got hurt and cut his head. He turned out "passed out" on the ground, but he landed on top of Apple Jack. She opened her eyes to him laying on top of her she quickly got away from him and she was blushing so hard she was sweating. "Well that was creepy but still good night... Knuxie." She said softly and she kissed him. Then Knuckles grinned the biggest grin in his life.

Hope you like it!
Finding emeralds as usual and a little Apple Jack and Knuckles time.
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