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A Good Crash


One day Vinyl was walking around town wondering about what she could do today instead of party. She walked up to Apple Jack selling apple deserts, cakes, etc. She bought a few Apple Pies for the party she had going tonight, she was supposed to meet someone there and have a show off, they wanted them not to know each other for a surprise. It was just a fun party and was going to be set up in Apple Jack's Farm. She then went to Pinkie Pie and delivered the pies and ran off. If she was facing off she had to come up with a good song. She was writing music, but kept on throwing it away thinking it was crap. She had a good idea but it would take a long time. She was working on a piece of music hour after hour, soon she took a half done break, the party started at 10:00 PM but it was already 8:00 PM! She noticed she would never make it in time so she worked extra hard, soon she was just about done.... it was 9:40! She broke out into craziness running around like a idiot trying to get things ready to go. She was packed and ready to go but her music needed finishing, soon she got the finishing touches done and there it was a beautiful piece of late awesomeness she realized. Now it was 10:15 and she just left. "When is she going to get here?" A pony called. "Don't know." Pinkie replied. "Well if she is not coming screw her...." He said while walking away. "PLEASE WAIT 5 MORE MIN. IF SHE IS NOT HERE BY THEN YOU CAN LEAVE OK?" Pinkie yelled. "Was that necessary to yell?" The pony said kind of pissed a little. "I guess so?!"  Pinkie replied in her half drunken mode.

With Vinyl

She was trotting fast with her cart behind her full of music equipment, and she was going to the Farm for the face off. She wasn't afraid of loosing she was afraid they would kill her for being late. She was about to get there  she tripped and fell in some mud. Now her hair was a living disaster, no one wants to see a muddy pony and most of all.... the mud would ruin the disks. She sat there for about 3 mins looking at her self all muddy after that she started to sniffle, soon she was bawling out that now she wouldn't make it to the party and she would have to surrender to some guy.

With The other Pony

"Don't leave yet!" Pinkie yelled. "Too bad!" The other Pony yelled. "Neon Light!!!!! Isn't so bright!!!!" Pinkie screamed while singing. As Neon walked down he heard a sound coming from down the road it sounded bad so he went over fast and checked it out. When he got there he was looking at his opponent, but he did not know that yet. Neon went up and said, "Can I help with something...." Neon asked quietly. Vinyl soon rose her head and looked at him but went down immediately. "You could help me if you could make every thing good and I could beat the guy at the DJ battle for me since I look HORRIBLE!!!! Vinyl screamed. "I am the other DJ dude......" Neon said slowly. "Ohhhhh..... Sry..." Vinyl said.

Hope you like it!  
This is my story for a awesome couple Neon Lights and Vinyl Scratch. First CH!!!!!
TSForeverStrong Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
....Well, that was certainly interesting....
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